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Arizona Kid #1-6 (March 1951 - Jan. 1952).

Arizona Kid #2Alfred R. "Al" Eadeh (Feb. 7th, 1913 Cleveland, Ohio - Dec. 26th, 2005 Fort Walton Beach, Florida).

Almost nothing is known about him. He studied at Pratt Institute, N.Y. Eadeh worked as a freelance comic book artist in the 1940s and 1950s, among others through the Simon/Kirby studio. Al Eadeh had not been a major contributor to S&K productions but he had been a regular one for some about a year and a half. Eadeh was not the greatest of the studio artist but he showed some improvements over time. His earlier work for Joe and Jack were rather stiff but in his more recent work he does quite well in graphically telling a story.

During the Second World War he was drafted in 1941 in Jamaica, New York, as a Private.

For Feature Comics, he did art on western and romance stories, and on titles like 'Black Magic' and 'Fighting American'. He illustrated crime and horror features for Harvey and Ace Periodicals, and was present in many 1950s Atlas romance, western and mystery titles (Astonishing Comics, Marvel Tales, Journey into Unknown Worlds, Love Romances, etc.).Arizona Kid #2

Atlas was the largest comics company when in 1957 dramatically downsized its production. Tthe entire staff were fired. Al Eadeh, among other artists, vanished from comics. We don't know what he did after comics, but we found some Musical work Registrations with Copyright claimant: Alfred R. Eadeh, (Music & lyrics).

"Fifth Avenue", in 1965 or "Little pussycat" and "Not so very long ago", both in 1974, are some of those songs.

Is this the same Alfred R. Eadeh, that began a career in music after leaving comics?

From Don Markstein's Toonopedia and others.





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