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Combat #1-11 (June 1952 - April 1953)

Combat #1Norman Steinberg (¿Birth:  Aug. 14, 1923 Death:  Dec. 30, 1952?) worked as a comic book artist for Timely/Atlas in the 1950s. He did art on mainly war features, published in Battle, Combat, War Comics, Battlefield, Battle Brady and War Combat. He also worked crime (Crime Cases Comics) and western features (Red Warrior). He owned a commercial art studio with Mort Lawrence and Syd Shores in 1952-55, and prior to this, worked through Tom Gill's studio.

Cartoonists and Illustrators School (later the School of Visual Arts) instructor Tom Gill asked Joe Sinnott to be his assistant on Gill's freelance comics work. With classmate Norman Steinberg, Sinnott spent nine months drawing backgrounds and incidentals on, initially, Gill's Western-movie tie-in comics for Dell Comics. Sinnott recalled in 2003, "Tom was paying us very well. I was still attending school and worked for Tom at nights and [on] weekends. ... He was mainly drawing Westerns, like Red Warrior and Apache Kid for Stan Lee", editor-in-chief of the two successive companies, Timely Comics and Atlas Comics, that became Marvel Comics."I have to give all the credit to Tom for giving me my start in comics," Sinnott added.

Norman Steinberg first credited work was “The Sage of Sheriff Buck Hanson” in Texas Kid #4, july 1951, and the last was Battle Brady #12, March 1953.

Combat #3Syd Shores with Mort Lawrence and Norman Steinberg, co-founded a comic-art studio in 1952, first in Hempstead, Long Island, and later in nearby Freeport. But with Steinberg's death in the mid-1950s and Lawrence's decision to leave the field, Shores returned to individual freelancing.











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