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Nellie the Nurse #1-36 (Jan. 1945 – Oct. 1952), Nellie the Nurse v2 #1 (Jan. 1957).

Nellie the Nurse 12Nellie the Nurse: Riotous Redhead.
Nurse Nellie Nelson pursues Doc Snazzy Wilks in a series of comical romantic adventures in and around the hospital where they work. 

In the early issues of Nellie the Nurse comics from the 1940s, Nellie Nelson is depicted as a naive and pretty young nurse who works in a hospital. Nellie is sweetly innocent and completely oblivious of the havoc she can wreak, simply by causing heads to turn as she strolls by in her form-fitting white uniform.

Nellie's various predicaments are lightly comical rather than serious, and tend to involve romantic complications; many of them occur outside the hospital setting, when she is out on dates with her beau, Snazzy Wilks, a nice young doctor.

Nellie's best pal is fellow nurse Mary Lou, who's dating a doctor named Speedy, and her nemesis is another nurse and coworker who's her rival for Doc Snazzy's affections: sneaky, bespectacled Pamela Lang, whose various schemes against Nellie have a decided tendency to backfire.

But Nellie eventually undergoes a substantial change. By late 1950, she is being billed as "America's Red-Headed Riot," and the exaggeratedly buxom nurse's adventures are much more broadly comical than before--as are the drawings--though the cast of characters still includes the old gang: Snazzy, Speedy, Mary Lou, and Pam (now minus her spectacles).Nellie the Nurse 32

Nellie morphs again in a revival of the comic in 1957--now she's a shapely blond with a boyfriend named Don--but she's still fending off amorous patients and doctors, and still feuding with her old rival, Pam.

But apparently all that activity takes its toll. Alas, in her 1962 Dell reincarnation, only the name's the same--Nellie's become a funny-looking featherbrain.

The initial run of Nellie comics included stories of other often befuddled beauties: Tessie the Typist, Millie the Model, Hedy De Vine, and Rusty. Nellie the Nurse stories likewise appeared in the various comic books starring those characters.

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Carl Dorese drew 'Nellie the Nurse' for Timely/Marvel in 1949. He assisted on the syndicated 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' feature and was an animator for Hanna-Barbera in the 1960s.

Chronological Listing: Lana (1948) #6, Lana (1948) #7, Nellie The Nurse (1945) #21, Nellie The Nurse (1945) #22, Patsy Walker (1945) #27.

He did the storyboards of the TV Series The New Adventures of Zorro, Blackstar, and The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!

He worked in the newspaper panel series Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, after the death of the creator Robert LeRoy Ripley.

Ripley wrote and illustrated the strip by himself for a handful of years. Then in 1923, Ripley hired Norbert Pearlroth to be his personal researcher, which Pearlroth gladly did as his job for the next 52 years, sitting every day in New York’s public library, digging up interesting and weird facts (other researchers have included Lester Byck and Don Wimmer). Over the years an army of artists have illustrated the panel, which include Paul Frehm (who was the main illustrator from 1949-1978), his brother Walter Frehm (who was main illustrator from 1978-1989), Joe Campbell, Art Sloggatt, Clem Gretter, Stan Randall, Carl Dorese and Bob Clarke (Clarke would move on and create parody panels of Believe It Or Not for Mad Magazine).

In the nineties he illustrated several books: All About the Mayas: Yucatan's Famed Civilization Paperback –1990, by Carl Dorese (Author, Illustrator), What's new in hobbies? Author & artist: Carl Dorese.

From Lambiek Comiclopedia and other sources.

Nellie the Nurse v2 1