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Young Men #4-28 (June 1950 - June 1954; continued from Cowboy Romances; cover title is Young Men on the Battlefield! #12-20).

Young Men 14

Flash Foster. First Appearance: Young Men #21.

Frederick "Flash" Foster, Jr. is a plucky teen racer who can rig up, chop and channel nearly any "jalopy" so that it will outrace anyone. He hangs out with his "High-Gear Hot-Shots" and has any number of wacky and zany adventures, fighting crime and racing city and country streets.

The High-Gear Hot Shots are: Flash, who is a somewhat mischievous blond teenager who wears a buzz-cut and a red sweater with the letter "H" on the front. (Perhaps he belongs to the same fraternity that Bob Brant does?) He's given to proclaiming "popping pistons!" when excited. He loves fixing up cars, and is quite good at it, having an intimate knowledge of mechanics as well as a good style sense; he completely redoes a 1926 Model "T" so that it can outrace any car in the county and do 100 mph on a straightaway. He's also a good racer. Flash is a dutiful son, however, and when his father forbids him to soaping up the family car Flash reluctantly goes along. Although he loves street racing, Flash is at heart a good boy, well-liked by everyone in his neighborhood, and when there's an emergency, like a sick boy who needs medicine, Flash can be relied upon to deliver the medicine through a "slashing thunderstorm." (This is what endears him to the otherwise irascible Officer O'Malley.)Young Men 28

Randall, aka "Rod," who wears a brown plaid jacket and whose father is wealthy--wealthy enough to send Rod to the "International Sports Show in New York" and wealthy enough to buy Rod a new jalopy, if that's what Rod wants.

"Drag," a chunky boy who doesn't seem good for much but tagging along with Flash and eating. That's Drag on the right in the picture, with Flash in the middle and "Rod" on the left.

and the nameless kid who wears glasses, who is mostly in the gang to say things like "Say, Flash, that'd be terrific!"

Sandra, the lovely red-haired girl who is Flash's girlfriend and whose family is well-connected and well-to-do. Naturally, when crime beckons, Flash and the Hot-Shots are there to foil it and catch the criminals.



Young Men 27